Saturday, October 30, 2010

Accord Android tablet, "Accord Pad" available in India for Rs. 9999

At an offer price of Rs.9999, Accord’s smart “Mobile Internet Device” (MID) referred to as Accord Pad is still the most economical gadget in the zonre. The name of this gadget which is pronounciated as Accord APad and it is basically an Android tablet with cool multimedia capabilities, Wi-Fi based Internet access and a large 7” touchscreen. The original price of Accord Pad was Rs. 16,000. Accord pad Running on android 1.7 OS, this MID device also has 128 MB RAM and is powered by 400 MHz VIA VM8505. It is multimedia-capable mobile device provides Internet access via Wireless Fidelity (Wi Fi), 3G or Ethernet. Supporting upto 16GB memory besides 2GB HDD, this device is ideal for browsing and watching videos on Net. The large 7” resistive screen also gives a unique experience while doing so. Pad can also easily connect hardware peripheral devices such as keyboard, mouse and HDD to itself via its USB ports. The battery back up of Pad is sufficient as it is up to 4-5 hours. Pad support music files in formats viz. MP3/Audio Format and 3GP Video Format and have built-in microphone and stereo-speakers. Videos can be seen at a resolution of 320×240. The other pre-loaded applications on Accord Pad are G-sensor for Shake, Genial Writing and e-book Reader. For office purpose, Work Excel PowerPoint,(Edit

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